We’ve assembled a team of marriage/relationship experts that have over 40 years of experience as therapists, counselors and psychologist. They were instrumental in developing the courses we offer.

We understand that sometimes life-changing events occur and you may need personalized guidance to achieve and manage success in your marriage.

For your convenience, these personal sessions are all 60 minutes and online.

*Depending on your insurance package or benefits package, these sessions could be reimbursable.


Still undecided?

Let's talk about how marriage therapy can make a big difference in the direction of your marriage.

Small conflicts that compounded over time could be the driving force behind your marriage woes.

But couples typically seek therapy when things get completely out of control which means the road back to stability could be a very long trip.

Even if your marriage couldn't be better, it's good to get a quick check-up to ensure that you stay the course. Similar to seeing a doctor for an annual check-up.

We can help you decide on a program to continue building a successful marriage.