• Do you have intimacy issues in your marriage?

  • Are you a leader who struggles to secure intimacy in your marriage?

  • Does your career interfere with intimacy in your marriage?

  • Are you watching your marriage fall apart as you excel in leadership?

  • Do you feel that your marriage is hindering you from growing in leadership?

  • Are you struggling to bridge the gap between your marriage and your career?

Learn leadership actions to enhance intimacy in your marriage.


We're Gary & Julie Gallimore

As a young couple, with parental and career responsibilities, we sometimes found that our level of intimacy was lacking. We soon discovered that intimacy is more than just physical and that there were things we could do to enhance the intimacy in our marriage.

We realized that the way we treated each other and the way we spoke to each other kept us intimate even when we weren’t getting physical. We became even more secure in our relationship with each other.

Now with our team of experienced professionals we've developed courses that will guide you in being able to develop, secure and refine that intimacy.
Julie and Gary Gallimore

Which is why we created the course
Leadership Actions that Secure Intimacy in Your Marriage.

We help leaders secure their marriage by teaching them how to improve the intimacy in their marriage by implementing certain leadership actions

Discover how actions you take to be a better leader can be used in your marriage to secure intimacy!

  • Become a better leader and secure intimacy in your marriage

  • Learn how your marriage can help you become a better leader

  • You're only a few minutes away from experiencing a better marriage

  • Bridge the gap between a successful marriage and success in leadership

  • Strengthen your marriage and grow in leadership

What others are saying about Leadership Actions that Secure Intimacy in Your Marriage

Theo and Tasia, Entrepreneurs

"Julie and Gary helped us connect"

Theo and Tasia, Entrepreneurs

We are both entrepreneurs with a relatively large family. There are demands everywhere and sometimes we don’t connect as often as we need to. This course reminded us that there are actions we can take to build our connection continuously. These same actions we use to grow a successful team help us build our connection with each other. Now we are connecting more consistently.
Adbirahman and Habiba, Owner-Operator/Social Worker

"This course has shown us that we can be completely engaged"

Adbirahman and Habiba, Owner-Operator/Social Worker

We both have emotionally taxing careers. We are working diligently towards our goals and supporting each other in every which way. At times it's challenging because we also lived in separate countries for a while. Sometimes we get into moments where we become complete strangers to each other and we have to intentionally jump-start our intimacy. Taking this course has shown us that we can be completely engaged in our careers and completely engaged with each other without a moment to lose. Now we find that we are connecting even on small things and always keeping our intimacy vibrant.

Still have questions?

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for leaders who are married. We discuss how leaders demonstrate leadership and how those same actions can be used to secure intimacy in your marriage.

  • What if I’m not married?

    Marriage is still an aspiration for many and career growth is an aspiration for many. We help you understand how certain leadership actions can be beneficial in your marriage.

  • What if I’m not a leader?

    As you grow in your career you will take on more leadership roles and the demand of leadership can be daunting. More responsibilities at work can reduce the amount of time you spend with your family. We show you how to use take advantage of those leadership skills to better secure intimacy in your marriage. If you are not a leader yet, you most likely will be at some point, so it pays to be prepared for both leadership and the impact it will have on your marriage.

  • Can I enroll at anytime or is there a specific start date?

    There is no specific start date. You can enroll whenever you choose.

  • What if I am not happy with the course?

    To help us serve you and others better in the future we ask that you kindly take time to explain to us in detail what you did not like about the course. We will then offer you 100% money back.

Are you ready to strengthen your marriage?

  • Option 1

    Invest your time and be no further ahead than you are now.
    You can take the time to go through a lot of resources online that suggest how to secure intimacy. Many sources fail to understand how intimacy in your marriage ACTUALLY works. It’s hard to sift through the noise!

  • Option 2

    Enroll in the Leadership Actions that Secure Intimacy in Your Marriage course now!
    You'll learn how to become a more authentic leader while securing intimacy in your marriage.